Thank You…

Last week, Cheesy FM achieved its highest audience numbers. Despite the expectation that our numbers will continue to grow through ‘word of mouth’ it still surprises us. THANK YOU to everyone that tunes in. We’re just two guys based in Stoke who’ve been overwhelmed by the support for a radio station that is breaking convention.

We’re just two guys based in Stoke who’ve been overwhelmed by the support for a radio station that is breaking convention.

In recent months I have been bombarded with requests to add Cheesy FM to transmitters in different parts of the UK. This followed a number of test DAB broadcasts across Manchester, the North West and Portsmouth. Again, we were bowled over by the enthusiasm for our brand of ‘cheese’.

It’s been an amazing (if a long and stressful) journey, but in the coming weeks, I hope to be in a position to reveal the exciting plans for the future of Cheesy FM (there is a LOT to tell!!!).

Wedgy the mouse has a lot to answer for!

Hang in there a little longer!

The Big Cheese.

10 thoughts on “Thank You…

  1. No adverts, No DJ’s thinking they are some sort of personality we want to hear! All my favourite tunes I’ve forgot about. Please don’t change, I don’t want presenters who spout the last and next track with a ‘time check’ . With today’s technology internet radio is better than DAB (for audio quality) and all I stream whether at home or in the car.

  2. Have Benn going through a hard time of late stubbed on station by accident on my smart tv the crazy selection of songs had me laughing for ages thank you sooo very much keep up the good work

  3. Welcome Cheesy Radio. I just found your station by accident, took some of it in my shell-like, read what it was all about and I warmed to you. Cheesy is often used as a derogatory term but I unashamedly like cheese both orally and aurally. I like the genre especially the tracks that don’t get much airplay and have been long lost or forgotten, the one-hit wonders and so on. I haven’t had much exposure to the airwaves thus far but I have already marked it up on my “favourites” list so I wish you great success with your venture and may you go from strength to strength. It’s different, it’s catchy, it’s cheesy and so different from the 90% of other radio stations churning out instantly forgettable noise. Cheesy Radio – just my taste. Well done for seeing your idea to fruition.

  4. Hey cheesy!
    I’m a listener from china .
    it’s more than amazing to have you coupled with me whenever I’m alone.
    So all I want to say is Thank you,heartfully.

  5. Great station. Guys at work very sceptical, i told em give it an hour… cheese all over work….hopefully soon all over cornwall!! Proper job me ansome!!!

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