No news is good news!

If you have seen my previous blog entries, you’ll be aware we have many plans for the future of Cheesy FM.

These involve bringing you a new line-up of presenters, lots of live interaction, and features that will allow us to give the other radio stations a run for their money. By introducing new benchmarks, we needed to look at the existing format to see what needed changing.

I implemented the first change this weekend by removing news and sport bulletins from the station. This hasn’t gone unnoticed, so I thought I’d explain why.

The main reason is simple; we are not the first port of call for breaking news or comprehensive news updates. With apps and notifications at your fingertips from news organisations, we took the decision to let them do what they do best.

That allows us to do what we do best… play even more great pop music!

There are MANY changes on the way, but I don’t want to spoil them for you.

Hang in there!

It’s like waiting for Christmas I know… but we’ll start to un-wrap and reveal the changes soon! All good things…

The Big Cheese.

20 thoughts on “No news is good news!

  1. Can listen online, but that is not always possible. The BEST DAB radio station cannot be reached in the car. Please come back.

  2. Hi , the dab reception inWhitchurch Shropshire has been off air for 6 weeks now, done a retune and its tottaly disappeared from the auto tune now!
    Is it returning on dab? Really hope it does as mobile internet on the road to Chester is rubbish.

  3. This good news is as mature now as average cheese. Still no updates – seems there isn’t any – cos they don’t know themselves. The big surprise is that there isn’t one! Just a ploy to keep people listening!

  4. I must agree, this “under construction” stuff does seem to be dragging on and on, with no news coming out at all. Since DAB went I’m now only ably to listen briefly when on my computer and I’m starting to get bored. Sadly there are other great stations out there, and I suspect many will start to move on if this no updates thing goes on, myself included.

    • Its been great knowing you! See you around!
      Regards, The Big Cheese.

      PS. I was just about to start writing up the ‘coming soon blog’.

      • I must say I’m shocked by the ignorance and curt rudeness of that reply. Is it REALLY good customer service to just blatantly ignore constructive comments around lack of `promised` updates on whats happening with the station? If I were spoken to like that in a shop, I would not go there again. As such u have now lost a listener, which is a shame.

  5. Hahahaha these comments are gold!! Stephen…its not a shop mate, so unfortunately for you the customer isn’t always right in this case! 😉
    Love you cheeky Cheesy Fm…great call getting rid of news and sport, I’ve got enough of that doom and gloom on my Facebook feed! Just keep the chooons coming!! X

  6. Not really a favoured radio station without news updates.
    Plenty of dedicated streams elsewhere.
    Used to love Cheesy FM with more presenters, news, traffic updates…
    Hardly listen now because it’s just a shell of what was.
    A year ago we were being promised the world. Even repeatedly led to expect listeners’ own selections on a Sunday evening All we have left now is a random stream of what’s left on the hard drives.
    You can only bluff for so long?

    • Oh, Tom.

      Let me just check, am I right in thinking the station imaging and promos state we are re-building?

      And if you don’t listen as much why are you still commenting on our blog?

      Just curious.

      Some huge changes are coming (they take a long while because they are HUGE). Its a shame you won’t be a part of the fun.

      The chief bluffer.
      The Big Cheese.

  7. Thanks for replying.
    I really hope you can pull this off.
    You may have lost faith from your core ‘early adopters’, though, and it will be a matter of atracting a whole new audience.
    I do wish you well with your huge changes.
    I am prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt.
    Good luck.

  8. Dear Mr Big and Bigger Cheese,
    Shame to see so many negatives comments about your great station considering the mad effort you are putting into making it even bigger and better. Your sounds got me through many a treadmill and marathon run, cheered me up when feeling a little down and even my small dog Oscar barks at the opening of the 12 inch of “Surburbia”.
    Keep sharing the cheese, ignore the traps of negativity and I for one look forward to the new shows and presenters.
    Your No.1 Irish fan.

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